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Issue Detail
Subject: Site Testing
Assignee: Jonny Smith
Tracker: Bug
Status: New
Priority: Immediate
Update: Today 10:30 am
Detail :

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Jonny Smith

Today 10:30 am

Change priority high to immediate.

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John Smith

Yestarday 5:10 pm

Update Assignee addision to jonny.

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Yestarday 11:35 am

Change status rejected to new.

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10:40 am - Oct 9th 2017

Trek bug by adamaris.

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03:55 pm - Oct 5th 2017

Change priority low to high.

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08:30 am - Oct 4th 2017

Update Assignee Lorriane to addision.

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10:25 pm - Aug 28th 2017

Change status new to rejected.

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01:15 pm - Aug 22th 2017

Trek bug by Haner.


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