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Normal Buttons

Normal buttons of Bootstrap. Extra new button that's theme color button. Adding .btn-theme class with .btn to create a theme color button.

Raised Buttons

Buttons with Raised effects. Click any of following button to see the effect. To get raise effect, Just add .btn-raised class to <button> or <a> tag.

<button type="button" class="btn btn-raised btn-theme">Button</button>
Outline Buttons

Buttons with outline. .btn-outline.* class is used to create a outline button.

Rounded Buttons

Rounded buttons are just like a normal button but with rounded edges. .btn-rounded class can be used with .btn class to create them.

Icon Buttons

Buttons with icon. Theme uses Fontawesome to add icon to button.

Button Sizes

Different sizes of Bootstrap buttons.

Block Buttons

Simple Bootstrap badges with one extra appearance of a badge that is theme badge. .badge-theme class used to create theme badge.

Theme Primary Secondary Success Danger Warning Info Light Dark

Use the .badge-pill modifier class to make badges more rounded

Theme Primary Secondary Success Danger Warning Info Light Dark


Customize Theme layout, sidebars, and color schemes. This is for demonstration purpose. All options are available via code.

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